Link Love #3

Hey gang! How are all we all doing on this lovely morning? Here are some fab links you can get your teeth into on your commute…

  1. Lauren’s post about dealing with a chronic illness I could totally relate to.
  2. This idea for a kindness advent calendar.
  3. I have definitely had all of these thoughts whilst on the tube, especially no 48!
  4. I also loved this post also about commuting in London….
  5. Madeleine Shaw’s tips about how to survive the festive season are well worth a read.
  6. I loved these 50 ideas for how to practice self care.. something I need to remind myself in this festive period!
  7. Finally, If you have 1 minute it would be amazing if you could sign this petition to fund more research into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

I’m loving these sunny winter days we’ve been having and the evenings have been great to catch up with all the blogs I love to follow (and I’m A Celeb of course!)

What have you guys been reading recently?!


Link Love #2

This is my second share all the links I love session. I’ve been reading some really incredible things recently so here is my good deed for the day – sharing them all with you!!

Let me know what you like and if you have anything you think I need to read asap!!

  1. This description of how all that flatlay on Instagram came out…
  2. During Mental Health Day a few weeks ago I read quite a few posts on mental health, this is an article that I think is really worth a read.
  3. I loved this post by Amelia on how to become a morning person… the glass of water in the morning was something that really resonated with me.
  4. This article described chronic pain in such a good way.
  5. This is the best description of what will happen on election night in U.K. times. I’ve been trying to find out what time I need to stay up to / wake up again tomorrow morning for to see the election coverage and this has answered all my questions.
  6. Sophie’s post about why she loves airports I thought was a great way to reframe that frequent travel stress…

What have you guys been reading recently?!