Link Love #3

Hey gang! How are all we all doing on this lovely morning? Here are some fab links you can get your teeth into on your commute…

  1. Lauren’s post about dealing with a chronic illness I could totally relate to.
  2. This idea for a kindness advent calendar.
  3. I have definitely had all of these thoughts whilst on the tube, especially no 48!
  4. I also loved this post also about commuting in London….
  5. Madeleine Shaw’s tips about how to survive the festive season are well worth a read.
  6. I loved these 50 ideas for how to practice self care.. something I need to remind myself in this festive period!
  7. Finally, If you have 1 minute it would be amazing if you could sign this petition to fund more research into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

I’m loving these sunny winter days we’ve been having and the evenings have been great to catch up with all the blogs I love to follow (and I’m A Celeb of course!)

What have you guys been reading recently?!


Living Grateful #12

Hi gang! I’m going to give myself a little pat on the back this evening as I have finally managed two Living Grateful posts in a row… anyway, enough about my disorganisation, onto what I have been grateful for this week.

  1. Mindfulness class

I’ve spoken about how I’ve been getting more into mindfulness here before and I went to a class this week on compassion. It was really good to go to another class and my mind felt so much calmer for it.

2. Kitten time

I had this little cutie stay with me for 4 days this week. She is so unbelievably cute and at only 8 weeks she was so tiny! She was the most loving cat I’ve ever come across.

3. Going to Pizza Express with Scott

Okay so I might have spoken about my love of Pizza Express a tad too much on this blog. BUT I went again this week with Scott and it was just incredible. I even found out they do gluten free dough balls with balsamic vinegar & olive oil instead of garlic butter – amazing!!

4. Having a roast with Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad came up and cooked me a roast dinner (the best parents ever, right?!). You seriously can’t beat my dad’s roast potatoes!! It made letting go of my cats a little easier!

5. Having a relaxing Sunday

The last few weekends have been massively hectic so it was so nice to have a chilled Sunday today. I had a massive lie in, drank coffee in bed and caught up on loads of blogs!

Have you guys had a good week? What are you grateful for?


Link Love #2

This is my second share all the links I love session. I’ve been reading some really incredible things recently so here is my good deed for the day – sharing them all with you!!

Let me know what you like and if you have anything you think I need to read asap!!

  1. This description of how all that flatlay on Instagram came out…
  2. During Mental Health Day a few weeks ago I read quite a few posts on mental health, this is an article that I think is really worth a read.
  3. I loved this post by Amelia on how to become a morning person… the glass of water in the morning was something that really resonated with me.
  4. This article described chronic pain in such a good way.
  5. This is the best description of what will happen on election night in U.K. times. I’ve been trying to find out what time I need to stay up to / wake up again tomorrow morning for to see the election coverage and this has answered all my questions.
  6. Sophie’s post about why she loves airports I thought was a great way to reframe that frequent travel stress…

What have you guys been reading recently?!

Living Grateful #10

Hi guys! This week has been a hectic week for me as it was the last week before Reading Week. It’s always one of the hardest weeks of the term as everyone is exhausted. This week has been a lot quieter compared to the last few weeks as I have been dedicating more time to studying for upcoming exams.

However I’m writing this from Cádiz in Spain where I have escaped to with mum for a couple of days. It’s not exactly the blue skies and sun we were hoping for (more like torrential rain and very wet feet) but it’s really nice to have a change of scenery in such a beautiful place. 

So here it is, 5 things I have been grateful for this week…

1. Heading out to Cádiz & spending time with mum

Of course this has to come top of my list this week. It was so nice to get on a plane this morning to have a little break. I also haven’t seen mum for a good length of time in what feels like forever so it’s so nice to know that we have a few days to properly catch up with eachother.

2. Beautiful new scenery 

Even though it’s been raining today (I’m hoping the weather will pick up before Thursday!) we’ve found some beautiful little places in Cádiz so far! Including this amazing tree… 

3. A lush bath

I do have to admit that despite the love of lush that fills the internet on a daily basis I have never ever had a bath with a lush bath bomb. Well I rectified that this week and finally had one! It was definitely relaxing although I did end up covered in glitter for the rest of the day and so did my bath!!

4. An amazing rainbow

It is true that the little things in life are what make you happy sometimes. I haven’t seen a rainbow in years so seeing this from my balcony this week was amazing. 

5. This view 

I think you all know by now that I love a good view so I had to end this post with a photo of the view from the top of the hotel we are staying in. Absolute heaven!! 

What have you been grateful for this week?!

My tips for Barcelona

As I’m sure you know by now I recently went to Barcelona. I went when I was 10 for the first time and it has definitely changed in the past 12 years. It has become a lot more touristy and I’m not sure if thats because we went in the week of the bank holiday Monday and the last week of school holidays so it was always going to be busy or whether it is like that all the time. Anyway, here are my tips and tricks for Barcelona, including mistakes I made and ones I managed to avoid!

  1. Book Park Guell

My mum and I walked all the way up to Park Guell (big hill alert) to find out that they now take bookings for the monument park (which is where all the insta photos are taken!) and only allow a certain amount of people in each half hour. So we arrived at 2 and the next time in was 5. So back down the hill we went to come back up at 5. *Cue aching limbs*

SO, moral of the story is BOOK. Book it online or at the tourist office and plan the time you want to go. It will save you the unwanted exercise of getting up the hill several times.

Also, a taxi back into town from the Park was under 10 euros, so yeah, there’s that if you were like us and too tired and hot to want to walk back into town!


2. Book Casa Batlló

This is the same price to book at the tourist office and get the fast pass as it would be on the door having queued for a few hours. Heads up though, don’t book online as it was WAY more expensive!!


3. Take the photo they suggest in the attic of Casa Batlló!

Mum and I weren’t sure about this – basically you go out onto a little balcony and have your photo taken and then you can buy it for 12 euros. We were going to leave it but decided to get our photo taken and then just see what it was like. Turns out it was such a good photo and so we bought it! (You can get a free download of it as well as a physical copy so it doesn’t feel like too much money.)IMG_3369.JPG

4. Don’t queue for the cable car

We queued for about an hour and 45 minutes for the cable car up to Mount Montjuic, it was boiling (so much so we were given umbrellas for shade!) It was a bit of a waste of time when we could have got the funicular up there. If there is a queue I would say don’t worry about it – get the funicular and you can see the views from the top. However, if there is no queue it is definitely worth it as it is pretty cool to go across in a little red box and it is pretty iconic on the Barcelona sky line!!


Link Love #1

So I’ve been reading some incredible things across social media and blogs recently. There are some seriously amazing writers and people out there and I’m all about sharing good work! I know I rely so much on people sharing what they love on social media, so I thought I would create a series of posts containing all the writing I’m loving at the moment.

I’m not sure how regularly I’ll post all my link love but you can be sure that when it does arrive it will be everything I have been loving recently!

So here goes, # 1!

  1. This post from Elle Next Door who describes what it is like to live with Coeliac Disease so perfectly. I would never be able to express this in such an articulate way. I read it and could relate to every word. Please have a read!
  2. Sophie Cliff’s post about needing a duvet day. I am often a culprit of trying to keep going with everything all the time, I know I often need a duvet day but don’t let myself have one because of the guilt of being unproductive. This has reminded me that it’s important to give your body & mind a break every once in a while!
  3. Hannah Gale’s post about how women treat other women in regards to their bodies. This post is just so needed in the current society we live in and I could not be happier to share it for you all to read!
  4. Lauren Rellis’ post about how suddenly health can become such a priority. This was a post I can really relate to and it really made my morning when it landed in my inbox. It always amazes me how the internet can remind me that people feel/think the same things and that is so comforting!
  5. The story of what it was like to be on Air Force One on 9/11 had me avidly reading earlier this week. It gave definitely gave me chills.
  6. Amy’s description of what a Sunday Well Spent looks like had me dreaming of Sunday already!
  7. This description of what people with chronic illnesses hear when certain phrases are used is well worth a read even if you don’t know anyone with a chronic illness.

Let me know what you think of all these posts, and what would you suggest I get reading this week!?