Book Review #3 – The Year of Living Danishly

I finally have another book review for you lovely people! I’ve been reading this very slowly on my kindle over the last two months. My reading time has taken a massive hit since going back to Univeristy so it has definitely taken me a while to read this, but not because I haven’t loved it! Every time I have sat down to read it it has really made me feel very happy so I thought I had to share it with you…

Helen Russell takes you through her whole year of living in Denmark. She moved from London to rural Jutland. From January to December it is really interesting to see how her perspective changes. She undertakes a different topic of research each month (a bit along the same style as The Gratitude Diaries if you have read that, or my review here). Basically Russell is researching why Danes rank as the happiest people in the world. This is despite the brutally cold winters and small amount of daylight from October to March.

I found there was so much in the book I could relate to and also techniques the Danes employ which I could input into my daily life. As I was reading the last couple of chapters this week which really focus on the cold and darker days I could totally relate. The clocks have gone back and the weather has definitely gotten a lot colder. I needed a bit of a pick me up to tell me how to get through the Winter months and the last chapters of this book was definitely it.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure everyone has heard of Hygge by now. It’s become super fashionable in the last month or so, but fashion aside I think it is actually something worth looking at for winter months. It effectively focuses on the idea of coziness and spending time with family. It’s curling up with a book and a cup of tea, and cruciallt some lit candles. I love this idea as I am a sucker for candles and a good book and tonne that seems like the perfect way to enjoy myself through the cold months. I’ve just started reading The Little Book of Hygge after feeling inspired by The Year of Living Danishly so I will let you know more about Hygge when I have finished it.

Not only is The Year of Living Danishly really interesting in terms of the research into happiness that Helen Russell undertakes but it was also hilarious. Russell gives a great account of her year and her life in rural Jutland and there are some real laugh out loud moments… so much so that I was told off by my mum for being too loud at one point!!


Here’s a picture of some blue skies to take your mind off all my winter talking in this post…


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