Link Love #2

This is my second share all the links I love session. I’ve been reading some really incredible things recently so here is my good deed for the day – sharing them all with you!!

Let me know what you like and if you have anything you think I need to read asap!!

  1. This description of how all that flatlay on Instagram came out…
  2. During Mental Health Day a few weeks ago I read quite a few posts on mental health, this is an article that I think is really worth a read.
  3. I loved this post by Amelia on how to become a morning person… the glass of water in the morning was something that really resonated with me.
  4. This article described chronic pain in such a good way.
  5. This is the best description of what will happen on election night in U.K. times. I’ve been trying to find out what time I need to stay up to / wake up again tomorrow morning for to see the election coverage and this has answered all my questions.
  6. Sophie’s post about why she loves airports I thought was a great way to reframe that frequent travel stress…

What have you guys been reading recently?!


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