Postcards from Cádiz

Hi guys! I thought I would give you the photo downlow of my trip to Cádiz the other week…

(Is it obvious that I enjoyed taking photos far too much whilst I was there?!)

I was a massive lover of the tapas culture in Cádiz. Basically I could eat every time we stopped for a drink and what isn’t amazing about that?! We found a really cute street full of lovely restaurants and I had to take a photo of the outside of this one as it looks so bright and happy! 

I took this within half an hour of when we arrived at the hotel. It was chucking it down with rain but I still insisted we run up to the roof terrace to have a look! This was the view out over Cádiz!

How pretty are these buildings off of a main square?!

We spent a good part of an afternoon wandering along the promenade and it was beautiful to look out to sea and have a real good chat…

Cádiz Cathedral from the outside… we spent far too log in the square in front of the Cathedral admiring it and eating tapas… of course…

This was the view from the top of the Cathedral. I think I could have spent all day up there taking photos but mum definitely would have wanted to throw me off the edge…

There was a point on the promenade where there were loads of cats. Someone had set up little houses for them and fed them on a daily basis. As you can imagine this was my actual dream and we may have gone back twice to check on them..

Cádiz Cathedral from along the promenade… I think this might be the shot that most people associate with Cádiz..

On one of the days we had the best beach day.. it really was beautiful!

Anyone will tell you I’m a sucker for blue skies…

On our last day we went up the tallest watchhouse in Cádiz. This was the view from the top across the rooftops. It was incredibly windy but I tried my best to get as many photos as I could before going back inside to avoid being blown over! Torre Tavira also had a camera obscura and the show was amazing, nothing like being able to see the whole town from one tiny mirror set up!

I absolutely loved Cádiz, I found it really relaxing as there wasn’t too much touristy stuff to do compared to Barcelona so you don’t feel stressed to get up and do everything. Instead we spent loads of time just chilling in restaurants and coffee shops and on the beach and so it was a perfect break to set me up for the rest of term and January exams. 

Have you guys been to somewhere in Spain recently you would recommend? I love hearing your thoughts!


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