Living Grateful #11

Okay so I have yet another apology to make this week guys… I am so sorry it has been another 2 week gap between my Living Grateful posts. The past two weeks have been amazing, leaving me with that fuzzy heart warmed feeling. I’ve spent an amazing week in Spain and spent some quality time with friends and family. There really isn’t anything better is there?

So here goes, these are just 5 of the things I have been grateful for over the last fortnight, but honestly I think there could be 50 instead!

  1. Spending a week in Cádiz with mum

I feel like this photo doesn’t do how pretty Cádiz was justice. It was absolutely beautiful and we managed to get some sun towards the end of the week. It was also so nice to spend a lengthy amount of time with Mum as I don’t get to see her enough anymore.


2. Having a beach day in Cádiz

I feel like walking through the sea and along the beach was exactly what I needed to clear my head ready for the exams I have had in the past week and also for the rest of term. There really isn’t anything better than walking along the beach and looking out to sea!


3. Enjoying the Autumn colours

I’ve been loving Autumn in London this week. I’ve been for quite a few walks along the river and this was by Surrey Water. I just couldn’t get over how beautiful the colours of the trees were with the blue sky and Canary Wharf in the background!


4. Having my cats to visit

My parents went away for a week this past week and gave me the cats to look after in the flat. Being the crazy cat lady I am, I have absolutely LOVED having them to stay. It really has been the best. Cat cuddles make everything better! There were a lot of tears saying goodbye to them tonight…


5. Bonfire Night with the best friends ever

Last night I went out to Sevenoaks for Bonfire Night. There was a torchlight procession through the town and the most amazing fireworks display – including Let It Go from Frozen which totally made my night! It felt so good to get out of London and spend some quality time with my best friends. I feel so fuzzy and warm after such a brilliant weekend.


Hope you guys have had a good couple of weeks, what have you been grateful for?


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