Social Media vs Reality

I think everyone on the internet has written a post about the evils of social media and how it can negatively impact our mental state. I’m pretty sure everyone has also written a post about how social media is an edited, snapshot version of someone’s life and not to buy into it in its entirety.

I totally believe that social media is never a true portrayal of someone’s life. Even those who are more honest than others are still posting a momentary highlight of their life. Even though there are so many posts about this around I thought I would do something a little bit more personal.

When I was in Cádiz, on our first day it was absolutely CHUCKING it down with rain. Torrential, soaking feet kind of rain. Mum and I were walking around the town to get a feel for it and I was taking some photos. I took one photo of a really impressive tree with a fountain in front of it as well as these pillar type things. 

Being totally honest with myself I wanted a photo for Instagram, I still feel this need to show to the world “hey look I’m on holiday”, even though I can see the flaws of social media and that everyone is doing the same thing, I still want to do it. 

So here is the photo I posted:


here is the original: 

See what I mean? 

Even though I have read tens of blogs about social media not being a true portrayal of reality, it only truly hit home to me how much every photo is edited when I realised how much I had just done it myself.

So, I guess this acts as a reminder, to both me and you, the extent to which social media is actually edited. I mean, if I do it without even being properly aware of how much I am editing my photos then I hate to think how heavily edited other photos are on Instagram, especially people who rely on Instagram for an income.

So yeah, basically don’t compare your life, holidays, friends, relationship, home or “lifestyle goals” with Instagram, you’ll never win as everyone on Instagram is cheating with those pesky filters and saturation filters.


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