Postcards from Madrid 

Happy half term to those of you who are on half term this week! I thought I would celebrate half term with a little post about when I went to Madrid in June last year with my Uni housemates. I mean I am in Spain again at the moment so I thought I would stay loyal to one country this week…

 It was an amazing trip away with them so I thought I’d show you some of the photos I took whilst over there. I think Madrid gets a little bit overshadowed by other European cities and I would definitely recommend a visit – there’s lots of sightseeing as well as great nightlife!

This is one of the main squares in Madrid and it was just absolutely stunning!

I couldn’t have a post about Spain without a sangria photo! We were always on the look out for sangria and there was so much about! Super affordable as well in comparison to ther cities!

This is Buen Retiro Park and it was absolutely beautiful. There were lots of performers and so much space to just sit and chill. We all loved it!

We went up to the top of the city hall building which has a library as well as lots of public offices. It also had a lift up to this incredible view for just 2 euros. It was so worth a trip and there were also some great exhibitions that we walked around!

This was Roual Palace of Madrid and it was absolutely stunning. There were some gorgeous stately rooms as well a massive open space. Beautiful even on a boiling hot day!!

I hope this inspires you to have a look at Madrid when you’re planning your next trips – it was so cheap to get there and food & alcohol was much more reasonable than Barcelona! There’s also so much to do!

Have any of you guys ever been? What do you think?


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