Living Grateful #10

Hi guys! This week has been a hectic week for me as it was the last week before Reading Week. It’s always one of the hardest weeks of the term as everyone is exhausted. This week has been a lot quieter compared to the last few weeks as I have been dedicating more time to studying for upcoming exams.

However I’m writing this from Cádiz in Spain where I have escaped to with mum for a couple of days. It’s not exactly the blue skies and sun we were hoping for (more like torrential rain and very wet feet) but it’s really nice to have a change of scenery in such a beautiful place. 

So here it is, 5 things I have been grateful for this week…

1. Heading out to Cádiz & spending time with mum

Of course this has to come top of my list this week. It was so nice to get on a plane this morning to have a little break. I also haven’t seen mum for a good length of time in what feels like forever so it’s so nice to know that we have a few days to properly catch up with eachother.

2. Beautiful new scenery 

Even though it’s been raining today (I’m hoping the weather will pick up before Thursday!) we’ve found some beautiful little places in Cádiz so far! Including this amazing tree… 

3. A lush bath

I do have to admit that despite the love of lush that fills the internet on a daily basis I have never ever had a bath with a lush bath bomb. Well I rectified that this week and finally had one! It was definitely relaxing although I did end up covered in glitter for the rest of the day and so did my bath!!

4. An amazing rainbow

It is true that the little things in life are what make you happy sometimes. I haven’t seen a rainbow in years so seeing this from my balcony this week was amazing. 

5. This view 

I think you all know by now that I love a good view so I had to end this post with a photo of the view from the top of the hotel we are staying in. Absolute heaven!! 

What have you been grateful for this week?!


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