A rainy day in Cádiz

Mum and I planned a sunny getaway to Spain for my Reading week and her half term… alas the blue skies we had hoped for actually turned into torrential rain (and very wet feet) today.

So what do you do when you’re in Spain expecting to go to the beach but it’s chucking it down? 

Do what the Brits do of course and whack out the umbrellas and go for a walk! (And take some photos to occupy yourself!)

I’m amazed by the beauty of Cádiz and the tiny little things we found. One of the things I love about taking my camera to places with me is that I notice so much more when I’m looking for things to photograph than I would if I was just wandering around aimlessly. 

In my mind I guess it’s a form of mindfulness as it keeps me in the present moment rather than worrying about things like the weather or my upcoming exams! 

We spotted these benches by the promenade and I made my poor mum wait for me while I took some pictures. I just find the tiles amazing…

We also spotted this very old (and huge!) tree that mum was fascinated with. It took me ages to try and get a photo.. basically the tree was too big for my camera lense..

In front of said problematic big tree was a fountain and it looked so beautiful and autumnal in the rain.

We ended up in a local wine bar to dry off from our walk. 3 Euro wine and tapas definitely reminded me that I’m in Spain rather than in England! 


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