What I ate in Barcelona 

As lots of you know I have lots of dietary issues so I always like to research where I’m going to be eating before I go away, this was definitely the same with Barcelona! I thought I would do a little write up for you as we honestly had such incredible experiences with food whilst we were out there. Here are a few of my suggestions – all of these places were seriously amazing and all had such unique atmospheres! Let me know if you give any of them a try or have tried anywhere else in Barcelona that you loved!

Flax & Kale

Flax & Kale came up on a few of my healthy restaurant searches that I did before I went away. I was looking for somewhere that was gluten free and also catered for allergies. Flax & Kale did that and more!! It’s menu had all listed allergens, it included raw food as well as options for plant based and gluten free food.

The atmosphere was incredible, it was quite a large restaurant but it had a cosy feel due to the set out of tables in little courtyards. The courtyard we were in had a herb garden in the middle where all the herbs they use were being grown. It was also in the open air which was perfect for the hot evenings we had whilst we were there.

Our main meals were raw. I had a raw, plant based, gluten free pizza and it was just absolutely incredible. I discovered pickled radishes which were just incredible and all the food tasted amazing. It doesn’t sound like it could taste nice but honestly it was just amazing.

I had a quick look at the dessert menu just on the off chance (as I can never eat puddings!!) but actually found one that was vegan and gluten free!!! I honestly had to pull the manager over to check it was actually something I could eat as it tasted so good so I didn’t believe it was free from! Honestly I think it was the best thing I have ever eaten. Chocolate ice cream  with some form of cake and fresh fruit. Amazing! This place is worth a visit if only for the puddings or a juice!


I had googled the best brunch places in Barcelona and this place came up on Time Out. I couldn’t believe it but it was literally just around the corner from our AirBnB! The portions were huge and kept me going all day. I had chorizo hash which was chorizo, potatoes, spinach and a poached egg!

Brunch & Cake

This was another one of the restaurants that came up when I googled for healthy food places and it definitely lived up to its Instagram page!! The menu was huge and the smoothie and juice list was incredible. Mangos in salads on a hot day are just the one!

El Nacional

I found out about this restaurant via a few blogs I read before going away. It’s basically a big space with lots of different restaurants – like a brasserie, grill, fish and tapas place. The atmosphere was brilliant!

We ate in the taperia and it was incredible. The way it works is that there are some dishes that are carried around by the waitresses and you pick as they walk around, and other things you can order off the menu. The sangria was also amazing.

Satan’s Coffee Corner

This little place was also round the corner from out AirBnb in the gothic area of Barcelona. It prides itself on having the most amazing coffee in Barcelona and that it certainly did!! After eating here on our second day we came back for take away coffee just before we left Barcelona as we couldn’t get enough. Definitely check out the ever changing menu and even if you don’t eat definitely stop for coffee!!


Bar 1881

Okay so this isn’t strictly food, but it’s aperol so it counts right?! We went for drinks at on our last night to a bar (and restaurant) overlooking the harbour. The drinks weren’t as pricey as I expected, and the view was just epic. This was an amazing way for us to finish our trip to Barcelona!




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