Dear Diary: London Gin Festival


I went to London Gin Festival at Tobacco Docks back on bank holiday weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked the tickets to go, but it met my expectations and more!

It was at Tobacco Docks which was such a lovely setting for an event as there was both an inside area and an area outside where you could sit on deckchairs. It was a really warm evening so we loved sitting out there, sipping our drinks and eating some of the food available.

There were 4 bars, all with different types of gin. My favourite bar was the floral bar where I discovered lots of gin I loved including a raspberry one which was amazing. You could buy tokens for drinks, it was £5 a drink which I think was really reasonable for London and inside an event like this.

Throughout the evening there were also lots of masterclasses, we went to one by Locksley Gin which was really good. They explained different kind of gins on the market and how the cheaper end of the spectrum are regulated less and so will give you more of a hangover!

I would definitely recommend going (if only for the big gin glasses you get given and the booklet on description of different gins!!) and I’m hoping that it’s going to come back to London some time early next year!



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