My tips for Barcelona

As I’m sure you know by now I recently went to Barcelona. I went when I was 10 for the first time and it has definitely changed in the past 12 years. It has become a lot more touristy and I’m not sure if thats because we went in the week of the bank holiday Monday and the last week of school holidays so it was always going to be busy or whether it is like that all the time. Anyway, here are my tips and tricks for Barcelona, including mistakes I made and ones I managed to avoid!

  1. Book Park Guell

My mum and I walked all the way up to Park Guell (big hill alert) to find out that they now take bookings for the monument park (which is where all the insta photos are taken!) and only allow a certain amount of people in each half hour. So we arrived at 2 and the next time in was 5. So back down the hill we went to come back up at 5. *Cue aching limbs*

SO, moral of the story is BOOK. Book it online or at the tourist office and plan the time you want to go. It will save you the unwanted exercise of getting up the hill several times.

Also, a taxi back into town from the Park was under 10 euros, so yeah, there’s that if you were like us and too tired and hot to want to walk back into town!


2. Book Casa Batlló

This is the same price to book at the tourist office and get the fast pass as it would be on the door having queued for a few hours. Heads up though, don’t book online as it was WAY more expensive!!


3. Take the photo they suggest in the attic of Casa Batlló!

Mum and I weren’t sure about this – basically you go out onto a little balcony and have your photo taken and then you can buy it for 12 euros. We were going to leave it but decided to get our photo taken and then just see what it was like. Turns out it was such a good photo and so we bought it! (You can get a free download of it as well as a physical copy so it doesn’t feel like too much money.)IMG_3369.JPG

4. Don’t queue for the cable car

We queued for about an hour and 45 minutes for the cable car up to Mount Montjuic, it was boiling (so much so we were given umbrellas for shade!) It was a bit of a waste of time when we could have got the funicular up there. If there is a queue I would say don’t worry about it – get the funicular and you can see the views from the top. However, if there is no queue it is definitely worth it as it is pretty cool to go across in a little red box and it is pretty iconic on the Barcelona sky line!!



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