Living Grateful #8

Hi everyone! How have you been this week? I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 2 months now (save for a couple of weeks off when life got a bit too hectic! But in a good way of course..)

This week has been incredibly busy but I’ve had a really good week, putting aside the couple of ribs that decided to pop out of place *insert eye roll emoji here*

Here are 5 things I’ve been grateful for this week. I’m loving being able to look back on the week in a positive way and reframe my state of mind ready for the week ahead.

1. Going to the theatre

I’ve been to two theatre performances this week. One was The Good Canary at the Rose Theatre, it was an incredible performance and well worth the standing ovation it got! I also saw The Plough and the Stars at the National Theatre which was incredible – some amazing acting! I love going to the theatre and it’s been so nice to get back into going.

2. Going for dinner with my dad and Uncle

I went for dinner with my dad and Uncle at The Wharf on Southbank on Tuesday, it was so good to catch up with them and also they were so good at accommodating my allergies which is always amazing!

3. Going home for a couple of days

I went home for a few days this week and it was so lovely to be at home and spend time with all my family. Sometimes I just feel like that’s what you need, especially after a week of suffering a little bit with my back! Cat cuddles are known to fix everything after all!!!

4. Dinner party with friends

This was the best Friday night I’ve had in a long time. So good catching up with friends!

5. Spending time with my grandparents

My grandparents came and visited my new flat today and it was so nice to see them as it feels like I haven’t seen them in ages. We chilled in the flat for a while and then went to the local pub for a roast dinner – the best way to finish off a weekend!

Have you guys had a good weekend? Sorry this post is a little bit late this weekend, it’s been such a nice time spending time with family so I have written this in front of the X Factor – classic Sunday night viewing!!


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