Staying in an AirBnB in Barcelona

I went to Barcelona with my mum at the end of August/start of September for 3 nights and we decided to stay in an AirBnB apartment for a bit of change! My mum is obsessed with terraces so our priority in booking was to find a good location with a terrace! As you can see the terrace was absolutely incredible!!


What we didn’t consider when looking for a terrace was that there would need to be a lot of stairs to get to it. And when I say a lot, I mean, like 150. It’s fair to say I came back from Barcelona feeling a lot fitter than when I went after going up and down those stairs several times a day! Honestly though the terrace was SO worth it.

We stayed in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona so we had some amazing restaurants (and brunch places!!) right on our doorstop. We were also close enough to Las Ramblas to be there in about 3 minutes and to the harbour in 5. It was such a good location and we felt completely spoilt.

I do have to admit it was also so nice to have a bit of uniqueness added to our trip that I don’t feel like you always get with a hotel. It made me feel slightly less touristy (although Barcelona as a whole is massively touristy so that was only a slight feeling, haha!) There was also air-conditioning in the apartment which was SO needed after full days of sightseeing in above 30 degrees… It also meant that there was practically no noise at night, despite us being in such a buzzing area of Barcelona as we were so high up!!

I would definitely stay in an AirBnB again.. maybe just research how many stairs there are first?! I wouldn’t have wanted to have gone up those stairs with any bigger suitcases than the small hand luggage bags we had! Maybe we’ll go for a balcony next time rather than a terrace…

We also made friends with the security guard of the restaurant opposite – we couldn’t quite get the knack of opening the front door to the apartment block and he seemed to have the exact knack so let us in the front door every evening! I think he thought we were very ditzy as it took him explaining the exact way to open the door for us to be able to do it ourselves. Thank you security man!!

Have you guys had any AirBnB experiences lately?


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