The Sky Garden and why you need to go

So a few weeks ago I wrote a post about my plans for September. On that list was to go to the Sky Garden. Guess what guys?? I did it!

I went to the Sky Garden 2 weekends ago, and it was just as cool as I thought it would be! I went with one of my best friends who visited from Edinburgh.

The Sky Garden is on top of the Walkie Talkie building (does anyone know what the building is actually called?) and booking opens 3 weeks in advance. I booked around 2 and a half weeks in advance and there were a few slots left. I can really understand why they limit the amount of people up in the Garden as it really makes such a difference there not being too many people up there. You got lots of space to enjoy the view, and there were plenty of seats available for us to have a coffee!

The view looks out across the Thames to the Shard, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf. It’s an incredible view and I would even say it is as good as the Shard (which is much more expensive!!)


There are several restaurants at the top, as well as a lovely coffee pod, so if you wanted to book for food to enjoy the view I’m sure it would be amazing.

Look at how cute it looks! The gardens are really peaceful, and it’s just so nice to sit and have a drink and look out of that massive window. Have any of you been? What did you think of it?!




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