5 TV programmes I’m loving at the moment

I’ve recently really got into watching “current” tv again. And by “current” tv I mean the tv that everyone else seems to always be talking about… I’ve always been a netflix binge watcher at heart and never really got into the tv programmes that are on during the week but I’m loving so much that’s on at the moment! (Having said that I am still very very partial to a Suits binge… I seem to have got onto season 3 very very quickly…)

  1. Victoria

I am a massive fan-girl of Victoria at the moment, I mean who isn’t?! I actually don’t know many people who aren’t loving this new series, such good Sunday evening viewing.

2. Great British Bake Off

I don’t think this needs any reasoning really… Baaaake

3. Our Girl

This is a BBC One drama I found last weekend whilst I had an evening to kill. It has Michelle Keegan in it and I had heard she had some good reviews so decided to give it a try. It was actually really incredible. I watched the first 2 episodes back to back and I can’t wait for the next one to come out tonight! It’s still on iPlayer and I would totally recommend giving it a try.

4. Brief Encounters

I started watching this back in July when it first aired and then went away so taped it on my tv. I still have about 7 episodes left to watch but I am loving it so far! It’s set in the 1980s in Sheffield and is about women having Ann Summers selling parties… you can imagine the controversy they caused! On a more serious note though it also contains some interesting portrayals of women in the 1980s and what they were expected to do/ expected to behave.

5. Cold Feet

I was introduced to this by my parents whilst I was home the other weekend and I’m finding it hilarious! The first few series aired in the 1990s and this is a continuation of the lives of the characters. I have started back to watching from series 1 episode 1 at the same time as watching the current day episodes – it’s so funny! It’s also amazing to see the difference in our day to day lives from the 1990s to now.

So I’ve now realised that I have a tv series lined up for pretty much every day of the week… oops!! There is just so much good tv on at the moment!

What are you guys loving at the moment?! I would love any recommendations!



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