Living Grateful #7

This has been quite a hectic week as I am fully back into Uni now. I’m loving the course and loving getting back into learning and the change of pace. So here are 5 things I am grateful for this week!

  1. Seeing Bad Moms

My flatmate and I went to see this after work this week and it was amazing. I just loved every single minute of it. It was so feel good and put me in such an upbeat mood. I would definitely recommend seeing it!

2. Going to the Mae Deli with one of my best friends.

I went to the Mae Deli on Saturday and it was just incredible. I love all their food and the cakes are just out of this world. I also picked up a chocolate milk this time and it was just brilliant!

3. Walking in Bushy Park

I’ve grown up walking in Bushy Park so when I visited home early this week I did my favourite thing which was going for a walk in the Park. It was so beautiful with clear blue skies and bright sunshine but also an autumnal feel.

4. Visiting home

I went home for a couple of days this week and it was so lovely to spend time with family (and of course my cats!) It made me appreciate home so much more. I always find you are more likely to appreciate things more when you have been away from them for a while!

Please enjoy this photo of my cat yawning whilst lying all over my work….

5. Starting Uni again

This week marked my first full week back at University and I am absolutely loving it so far. I love the feeling of a new academic year and getting back into the swing of work! I’m also loving being back in London after my break over the summer.

How are you guys doing this week? What have you been grateful for?


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