5 reasons why having a break from London is the best

I definitely needed a break from London this summer and boy was it good.

I absolutely love London. I’ve grown up in London and I’ve recently moved more central and I feel totally at home, but sometimes it gets a little on top of you and you need a break.

I was in France for 5 and a half weeks this summer and it was amazing to have a break from the rush and business of London… so here are 5 reasons why it’s great to have a break from London once in a while.

  1. You appreciate it more when you leave

Coming back to London after 5 and a half weeks away I can definitely appreciate it more. I appreciate how much there is to do, meeting up with friends and of course working internet! I totally agree with the above image on this!

2. It gives you headspace so you can enjoy it all the more when you get back

I can sometimes find it quite hard to gain some peace and quiet to think my life and the things I am doing through in London. When I am away I feel that headspace return and I can assess my priorities and aims for the upcoming months much better.

3. You can enjoy nature

Nature isn’t something that is plentiful in London. Nature that isn’t man made. It’s so nice to get away and walk through fields, forests and country roads where you aren’t being accompanied with lots of other Londoners using London Parks!

4. You get away from the business of London

It’s so nice to be away somewhere where the main aim of everybody isn’t to get to their location as quickly as possible. People actually stop to chat, and make the time for eachother and that is so lovely when you compare it to the tube!

5. You can have a break from commuting

Being able to drive through fields and with expansive blue skies rather than commute on the tubes has been absolute heaven! I’m definitely not a hater of the tube but it is nice to have a break from it every now and again.

As much as it has been lovely to live the “hermit” life in France for 5 and a half weeks I absolutely can’t wait to get stuck back into my life in London!

What do you guys love/hate about London?


4 thoughts on “5 reasons why having a break from London is the best

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