Living Grateful #6

Hello there. Long time no see! I am so sorry for my lack of writing over the last couple of weeks. It has been so busy, I’ve barely had a moment to myself. I don’t know where to start with this Living Grateful post because the last few weeks have been truly amazing. I’m sure I’ll do some more detailed posts about what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks (lots of fun things, Barcelona and of course, back to Uni!) so here are a few of the highlights.

  1. Spending the weekend with one of my best friends.

One of my best friends came down to visit for the weekend from Edinburgh and it was so good to see her! We haven’t seen eachother for quite a while due to us both leading super busy lives but we caught up on everything and anything and it was just so good.

2. Going to the Gin Festival

This I went to with Emma (see above!) and one of my amazing course friends. It was held at Tobacco Docks and boy was it good. The event was so well organised, with amazing big gin glasses being given out when you arrived. There were hundreds of gins to try, and it’s safe to say I have found a fair few favourites from this!


3. Going to Barcelona

Mum and I went to Barcelona for 3 nights last week and it was incredible. The weather was incredible, the places we visited were brilliant and I just loved spending time with mum! I’m going to do a few posts about what we did in Barcelona soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


4. Having my first AirBnB experience

Mum and I stayed at an apartment in Barcelona through AirBnB, it was my first time using AirBnb and it was so cool! I’ll do another post about it, but LOOK at this roof terrace!!!


5. Finding some amazing food in Barcelona

You can read my post all about what I can and can’t eat here and my love of healthy food spots in London here, so it’s no surprise that I sought out as many healthy foodie spots I possibly could in Barcelona. If you’re going to Barcelona soon, definitely check out Flax & Kale and Brunch & Cake –  I was in love!!



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