Dear Diary: Chateau de Longcol

You may have seen in my Living Grateful post last week that I went to Chateau de Longcol for dinner with my parents on Friday night. We went to celebrate their wedding anniversary as we know it’s amazing as we’ve been a couple of times before.

It’s situated in a really remote area, between Monteil and Najac (in the Aveyron region in France.) It has the most magnificent view across the countryside. When the sun went down there was just complete darkness which I always find amazing coming from London! It is also a hotel, so has an infinity pool looking out to the countryside (along with a very friendly dog!)

When we booked we informed them that I couldn’t eat dairy, gluten, onion or garlic and I was amazed that they didn’t seem to have an issue with it at all. All the food I had was completely free from the foods I can’t eat, and coupled with that was just utterly amazing. They even had a selection of gluten free bread…

We had the 3 course traditional menu, with 2 pre course aperitif things. All of the vegetables and decoration is grown on the property, which I think definitely adds to the flavour of the food.

I took photos of absolutely everything because I couldn’t believe how amazing it all looked.

I started out with a rocket sorbet, whilst Mum and Dad had a form of ice-cream and hummus.

Then we had another ‘apertif” style plate – coconut ice cream with paprika and parma ham, who knew it would taste like heaven!!

The starter was tuna.. and what it was with I couldn’t tell you, but look at it! Just incredible!

The main was “bar” which is sea bass in English. You don’t get a menu when you arrive so it really is a surprise what you get throughout the different courses. On top of that Dad had a matching wine menu, so a wine with each course. I had 2 of the wines, one with the main and one with the dessert.


The dessert was just as good – jellies, meringue, tomatoes, strawberries and rocket sorbet and somehow it all just tasted amazing together! I had the best red dessert wine I’ve ever tasted with it!  


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