Living Grateful #5

Hello everyone! Here’s some Sunday evening reading for you… the 5 things I have been most grateful for this week…

  1. Chateau de Longcol

I went to Chateau de Longcol for dinner with my parents on Friday evening to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The food is absolutely amazing and also it has the most incredible view out to the French countryside. Rumour has it that the hotel used to be a Nazi headquarters for the region but I’ve never found any documentation to back that up!

2. The food at Chateau de Longcol

Not many places can take cooking a 5 course meal for someone who cant eat dairy, gluten, onion or garlic so the fact they were able to create the most amazing food was just incredible! I took photos of every course so you can see them here… the dessert was just amazing!!

3. Re-watching Wild At Heart

We’ve had a few rainy days this week so I’ve been taking the opportunity to chill and re-watch some Wild at Heart. It is one of my favourite tv programmes from my childhood as we all used to watch it as a family. I just love it!

4. Re-watching The West Wing

Can you see the theme here? I’ve just introduced my mum to The West Wing and so we’ve been watching it together. I have a HUGE love of Josh and Sam so I’m just in seventh heaven!!

5. A mini-fête with the neighbours

On Saturday night all the village went down to the “hunter’s lodge” (basically a house used for communal events) for a mini fête. We all brought different kinds of food & wine and meat to add to the bbq. It was a great way to get to know our neighbours in the village as quite a few have changed recently!

What have you all been grateful for this week?


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