Dear Diary: Instagram Stories

Everyone on the Internet in the last week or two seems to have been putting their opinions into the fray about whether or not they like Instagram stories. 
My signal in France is extremely bad. So bad in fact I can very, very rarely load Instagram stories. I can still load Snapchats though and this really has been a deciding factor for me in deciding whether I like the InstaStories or not. 

With InstaStories you can only load 1 person’s story at a time, and you have to stay with that story in view in order for it to keep loading. It won’t load if I go onto another story, or another app. Whereas with Snapchat I can click for the stories to load and then leave the app and do something else and come back and all my snapchat stories be ready for me to watch. BRILL THANKS. InstaStories, not so much. 

I guess it also annoys me that I have one more thing to watch/look at/scroll through on social media before I can *get on with my life*. As bad as that sounds, I really do like to get through my social media in the mornings as a way to wake myself up and I don’t like that yet another thing to do has been added to my plate (yes, I do know I could just leave it, but it’s just too tempting!!) 

I follow a lot of the same people on Snapchat and Instagram, and I’m finding it really frustrating how their content is now spread across different channels. I like to have everything in one place, and I’m struggling with having the same social on two different apps. They are both unedited videos/pictures which save for 24 hours and are then gone. I’m okay with following the same accounts on Instagram and Snapchat, as they have different content, but Snapchat stores and Instagram Stories have the same content and I want them to be in the same place!! (Control freak.. I know) 

Anyway, I’m sure you have all realised by now that I’m anti InstaStories. This might well change when I get home and can eventually load them without having to stare at a blank loading page for what seems like 60 hours but I’m still not a fan of having the same content spread over different accounts. 

Also. Who doesn’t love the Snapchat filters? InstaStories you just don’t match up!

(If you’re super nosy like I am you can find me on Instagram @harrietlpage and you can also read about my little rants about Instagram & social media)


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