My favourite bloggers

Blogger recommendation time!

So I said in my previous post about why I started blogging again that I would write about my favourite bloggers. The bloggers who inspired me to actually get writing, and make myself learn how to schedule a post and insert a link. (Seriously though, inserting a link is harder than I thought it would be!!)

I find these bloggers extremely relatable, funny and have the ability to bring me back out of a bad law studying mood. My friends and family definitely have them to thank for my reduced crankiness during stressful periods of this past year.

So here we go…

Hannah Gale who has the BEST travel tips and food inspo

Sophie Cliff writes the most wonderful 10 favourites on a Monday morning which always give me inspiration to start my week off on the right footing

Lauren Rellis who writes wonderfully about lots of EDS issues and totally relatable London commuter problems!

Beverley from Pack Your Passport who writes massively relatable posts about living in London (and now Leeds!) and whose travel posts are to die for

I love the inspiration these ladies give me and I love reading all of their new posts (along with being very jealous of their travels!) Definitely go and check them out if you have the chance 🙂


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