Living Grateful #4

I can’t believe I’ve been doing these posts for a month now! This week has been busier than others so here are 5 things I have been grateful for this week…

1. Going on a “velo-bike” trip

We drove over to Millau on Wednesday to go on a “velo-bike” trip. First of all we stopped off at Millau bridge for the classic photos and of course a coffee and then we headed over to an disused station for our bike trip. The “velo-bikes” were made up of 2 bikes and then a bench at the back. So 2 people cycled and 2 people could sit in the back. They operate on a disused railway line which goes through the most beautiful countryside which was really high up as well so we had some fantastic views! Half of the trip was up-hill, going through tunnels, through beautiful countryside and across a viaduct. The other half of the trip was all downhill! Whizzing through the fields and through tunnels was so fun! This was the first time we have ever done this and I think it was definitely something we’ll be doing again in the future as everyone loved it!


2. Finding this beautiful cat

After our velo-bike trip we stopped off at a local village for beers/coffees/ice creams. (They were well deserved!) It was the most beautiful tiny village with a lovely square with a fountain and a little cafe. The best bit though was finding this gorgeous cat curled up on a windowsill having a nap! It loved having a little stroke before it dozed back off again! For anyone who doesn’t know this, I am an absolutely crazy cat lady – so this made my day!

3.  Blog love!

Getting lovely comments about this blog over the past couple of days has absolutely made my week. Having people comment how much they love my blog has literally made me jump with excitement, especially as I am so new to all of this!

4. Spending time with family friends

This week we’ve had 4 family friends out to visit for the week and we’ve had the BEST time. I’ve loved seeing everyone and having lots of late night chats & giggles!

5. A day trip to Albi

We spent Friday in Albi, a town about an hour away from us. It’s absolutely beautiful and has a lovely Cathedral and old town to walk around!

What are you grateful for this week?


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