Dear Diary: picking a genre for the blog (or not!)

You know that feeling. The one where you feel really motivated & inspired. I am loving that feeling at the moment. 
I’ve had some really lovely comments about this blog over the last few days. It’s absolutely made my week as I am well aware how new to this I am and that I am coming back to writing again after a long time away. 

I’ve spent most of the week over-thinking what kind of content to share on this blog, but these comments have made me feel so inspired to get writing again. My aim for this blog is to be completely “me”. Probably reactive to how I feel, what I’m doing and what my interests are at the time. I really don’t want to pigeon-hole myself into a particular genre at the moment as I am enjoying writing about everything and anything. I know that this goes against the advice of most “how to grow your blog sites” that suggest I pick a category and stick to it as people only read blogs which have a particular focus. But I’m not doing this to gain a massive following. I’m doing it because I love writing and I want to spread a bit of positivity into the world. 

I’ll probably cover a massive range of topics, because I flit between what I want to write about quite regularly – from travel to human rights to books. I think there will be quite a range. I hope you’ll stick with me through this though, as I’m loving having all of you lovely followers along with me so far! 

Here’s to not knowing what SEO is (if anyone wants to enlighten me that would be great) and writing from the heart with many, many cups of tea.


7 thoughts on “Dear Diary: picking a genre for the blog (or not!)

  1. YAY…BRAVO… Good for you! Do your own thing. Go with your heart, your gut, your instincts. You actually know better than any SEO could ever know. Anything goes today! 🙂

    SEO? I think that means South Eastern Ocean
    and what has that got to do with blogging or genres?
    Everything is changing,

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