Why we shouldn’t take all of social media seriously 

What are we doing to ourselves? Believing everything that our online friends post on social media? What kind of life are we living comparing ourselves to their perfect beach photo or couple photo or night out? What are we doing to our self-confidence questioning the life we live against the show-reel of other people’s lives?

Because that’s what it is. It’s a show-reel. It’s the highlights. It’s not the reality. It doesn’t show the bad bits. And there are always bad bits. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? We shouldn’t live our lives comparing them to everyone else. 

I would bet that most of us 20 something women sit and compare our jobs/holidays/friends/relationships with those of the people we follow on social media. Especially now that there are so many forms of social media, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Pinterest. 

But, look at your own show-reel. Look at what you are putting out on the Internet. Would anyone else know you’ve had a bad day? Would they know you’re struggling with your health/ family/ relationship? Would they know? No because we only share the good bits.

Remember that. Hold onto that. It is A-Okay to post the highlight reel and share your love for life and the things you’re doing on social media. But just remember – No one is perfect. No one can have a perfect life, even though their online lives may seem to suggest they do. If you remember that, social media doesn’t get you down.


One thought on “Why we shouldn’t take all of social media seriously 

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