Epsom Bath Salts

I’ve talked about various back problems I’ve had in previous posts, but just to give you the low-down. I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which means that my joints can move out of place very easily as my connective tissue doesn’t work as it should. It also means I have chronic neck & pack pain. Doing things like carrying a bag or a suitcase, standing up for long periods of time or moving in a funny way can result in excruciating pain so I spend a lot of time looking for ways to relieve this pain.
Obviously pain medication is useful, but with chronic pain taking it all the time isn’t really an option or good for you, so I try to find alternatives. 

Ice packs are my best friend, along with hot water bottles. However one of the best pain relievers I have found are Epsom salt baths. Epsom salts have a high level of magnesium that absorb into the skin and also have healing properties. I think they are used quite a bit now by athletes who want to have a quick recovery time between training sessions. 

I try and have a bath around 3 times a week with these salts. I put around 500g in each bath to make sure I really get the most pain relief from them. They are honestly a life saver and have really helped me through some sticky situations! I find they relax me enough for joints to often go back into place on their own (big shout out to my ribs) rather than having to make a trip to the Drs. Plus they’re perfect to lie in with a cup of tea and a good book (or bloglovin to catch up on my favourite blogs!) I also find they really help my state of mind when I’m in a lot of pain and come out of them a lot more positive and ready to deal with the situation than when I went in! 

If anyone out there is struggling with similar pain issues I would really recommend them. 

Do any of you have any pain relief tips? I’m always on the look out for some new ideas! 


3 thoughts on “Epsom Bath Salts

  1. I recently read about how we have been conditioned to think ‘calcium’ for bones. Magnesium is very important also.
    I recently read about putting ‘baking soda’ also in your bath. It acts as a detox. I have friends who have stopped their skin cancer with baking soda soaks. You might want to check into soda as an addition to Epsom Salts.


      • You are welcome…g.ma always puts a couple sprigs of rosemary, from her plant, into her bath tub. Not sure the benefit, but if you grow herbs, google their benefits and maybe toss some in your tub to essence the water.
        I would be apprehensive of ‘essential oils’ unless thorough homework is done first. 🙂

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