7 things you have to do in Lisbon

My boyfriend and I went to Lisbon in early November last year as it was my first reading week on the GDL. We went Thursday – Sunday which was the perfect city break away.

The weather was utterly amazing. We went only taking Autumny clothes and ended up having to buy shorts & skirts whilst we were out there as it was 25/26 degrees!


It really was a lovely holiday and so here are my 6 favourite things to do in Lisbon.

  1. Take the no. 28 tram

Although this is a massively touristy thing to do, it was really a really cool ride! It takes you all the way through Lisbon, and you’ll often find people stopping to take photos of the tram as it is so iconic to Lisbon. Watch your belongings though as apparently pickpockets are rife on it!

2. Do the castle in the early morning

We got up early to go to the Castle and it was really worth it. We got there around 9.30/10am (get the bus up the hill btw, so much better than walking up it!) and it was beautifully calm. We took loads of photos without having to elbow our way through to the view and it was truly amazing to sit and look out over Lisbon. When we left however there were queues to get into the Castle and the view just wasn’t the same with loads of tourists trying to snap their pictures!


3. Go to the Miradouro de Santa Catarina viewpoint

To get to it you go via lots of little side streets. Such a lovely walk and also the view is just magnificent. There’s also a lovely little juice place on the way which kept us nice and cool!



4. Go to the Miradouro da Graca viewpoint (can you tell I’m obsessed with views)

This was quite a climb, but we were rewarded by the best views yet.


5. Watch the sunset by the sea

We sat and watched the sunset by the sea, listening to the buskers. It was beautiful and a perfect way to wind down from a day of sightseeing before we went and got dinner.


6. Have sangria in the main square

Who needs convincing to have sangria?


7. Go to Belem 

We went over to Belem on Sunday morning before we caught our flight. It was so nice to see a different area of Lisbon and walk along the promenade to Belem Tower. Boiling hot for our last bit of sun before returning to rainy November England!




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