Why I don’t want Instagram to be perfect

I feel like a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I see a lot of people struggling with the idea of comparing themselves to others and comparing their lives & possessions to the people they follow on Instagram.

I’ve never felt like this (and touch wood never will!) I find that Instagram inspires me. On a basic level I love looking at pretty pictures, but I also love that I can connect & follow some pretty bad ass women. These women inspire me with their lives and often their motivational quotes (as who doesn’t love them!) and so I truly find scrolling through Instagram a pleasure.

I see it as something I can do as a treat with a cup of tea as a break from work, or when I have some extra time on a train or a bus. I really look forward to my time on the app, but know that many others don’t feel the same.

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts recently along the lines of “how to take the perfect Instagram photo” and “my props for Instagram” etc etc. A lot of these involve fake marble desks and buying flowers solely for the Instagram. While I obviously want my Instagram to look good, and I want to showcase pretty pictures with good lighting, I honestly can’t understand making up a life solely for an online app. I really don’t see why you need to fake having a marble desk, or the perfect laid out living room for a photo while it never looks like that in real life and I’d bet doesn’t look nearly as perfect on the other side of the room. I just can’t get my head around why you want to present that kind of life online.

It makes me question what we are showing the younger generation – that everything is perfect all the time and there is never anything nasty in people’s lives as that is honestly how it feels scrolling through some Instagram accounts. Now I know that people are never going to post photos of their bad days, or the days where they have been crying or unable to get out of bed because of pain. I know I certainly don’t. But I do think we have reached an extreme end of the spectrum which is just Instagram account after Instagram account of flat lays and outfit posts with perfect lighting & editing.

That’s not real life so it’s not what I want to follow. I much prefer following more realistic accounts which inspire me rather than make me feel bored with the same kind of posts all the time. I’d much rather see travel posts and posts with people having fun with their friends, than what flowers you bought and which perfume you are promoting matched that colour flower.

I haven’t chosen a set filter to use, a set border to use or a set colour theme. I don’t feel the need to have perfect backgrounds for my photos. And not having perfect floorboards or a marble desks sure as hell isn’t going to stop me posting. Dark photos in bars with my friends will still appear on my feed, even though I can’t brighten it to fit with an “all white theme”.

I want there to be enough realistic Instagram accounts out there to keep Instagram a fun app to scroll through. I want to try and keep social media as real as possible for the younger generation who might not have the cognitive ability to assess what is real & what might be fake and who therefore compare their lives against others online and feel like they will never be enough.

My life isn’t perfect. It will never be perfect. Neither will be Instagram and I love that.

P.s. This was originally meant to be a post about why I love Instagram. But whilst I was sat in the bath last night reflecting on this post it ended up being something very different!

P.p.s. For anyone who wants to follow me on Instagram, you can find me on @harrietlpage 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I don’t want Instagram to be perfect

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