4 plans for London in September


I recently wrote about how I moved out and how I am equal parts nervous and excited about the prospect of turning to my little home in September ready to embrace living in London.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to make the most of living near central London. I’ve always lived about an hours journey outside of the city and wanted to live closer so that I could actually explore at the weekends. Instead, when I lived at home, I would never want to make the commute into the city after having spent the week commuting to Waterloo for my Law Conversion Course. From September I’ll be living a 7 minute tube ride to Waterloo, 7 minutes to Shoreditch and 4 minutes to London Bridge. I will no longer have the reason of distance not to explore London. Yet I have this niggling feeling that when it comes down to it, staying in my little flat on winter weekends will be what I will want to do, rather than go out and explore. I think after a week of the LPC, I will still want to stay at home, no matter how long the journey is to a market/coffee shop/ museum. I’m not saying that staying home is a bad thing, no, I think we all need a long, cosy weekend at home every now and again, but I want to go and explore. I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone and see London. Otherwise there would have been no point in me moving out, you know?

So this post is a little reminder to myself, in the months to come, to go out and see London. Go to the markets you want to go to. Go to the coffee shops and work there, instead of at your desk or under the duvet. Go to the museums, parks and exhibitions you want to go to.

In the essence of pushing myself to do more things, and to say Yes to doing more (of course, saying yes to relaxing will also be on my agenda) I’ve made a list of 6 places/things I want to do in London in September.

  1. Walk along the Thames Path from Rotherhithe to Tower Bridge.

It is apparently a 25 minute walk from where I live to Tower Bridge along the Thames Path. I’m really intrigued as to what the walk would hold, and if it is actually 25 minutes. Plus, I’m sure I can find a coffee shop on the way…

2. Get up and see the sunrise in London.

I really want to get up and make it into central London before the crowds get there. It really intrigues me to know what the city is like before everyone else is up. I would love to see stalls setting up in East London and what Covent Garden is like before every tourist in London descends there on the weekend. However, I also know I hate early mornings and the sunrise will still be quite early in September… maybe this should be a plan for later in September when the sunrise will be later so it’s not quite such a shock to my body…


3. Go to Columbia Road Flower Market

I recently read this post on Beverley’s blog at Pack Your Passport. It has completely inspired me get up on a Sunday and go and explore one of the most famous markets in London. Plus reduced flowers at around 2.30pm sounds like a deal breaker for me…

4. Go to the Sky Garden

This is something I have been meaning to do for an age but I’m always put off by the fact that you have to book 3 weeks in advance to be able to get a slot. I always think about it 2 days before and then can never get a slot to go. I’m going to make this one of the first things I do though by booking it for a weekend at the start of September

I’ll keep you updated on how I go and who I drag along with me!



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