7 things you have to do in Dubrovnik

I went to Dubrovnik in June to mark finishing the GDL & mine and my boyfriend’s 3 year anniversary. We stayed in a little apartment just outside of town in the Lapad area. It was only 5-10 minutes on a bus into town, and there were always lots of buses so it was the perfect place to stay. We were right on the seafront of the new port and it was lovely waking up to see which cruise ships had come in that morning.


We spent 5 days in Dubrovnik which was more than enough to do all the sight seeing as well as have some downtime as well. We found it was the perfect compromise between sightseeing and doing the cultural bit but also having some relaxing time in the sun (and going on a pirate ship!)

There are a few things I would 100% recommend you do if you are in Dubrovnik. These few things really made our trip!

  1. Lokrum

The island of Lokrum is only a 15 minute ferry ride out of Dubrovnik old city. It’s a completely uninhabited island and it feels so untouched. There is loads of wildlife and lovely walking trails around the island which feels like such a nice contrast from the business of inside the city walls. There’s a little sea area where you can swim along with a bar which does the best Aperol Spritzs which you can drink on sun loungers looking out to sea. You can also make the climb up to Fort Royal which is the highest point on the island and gives incredible views out to sea.



2. Walk around the city walls

We walked around the city walls late into one afternoon and it was the perfect temperature. Don’t be fooled by the size of the city (which is small!) but walking around the walls does take a couple of hours. It gives you beautiful views over the old port and over the rooftops of Dubrovnik.



3. Take the cable car

This was by far one of the best experiences of the trip. You can get a return cable car up to a mountain overlooking Dubrovnik and the views are just absolutely incredible. I think the pictures speak for themselves.



4. Fort Lovrjenac

Although there are quite a few steps to get up to this Fort the view is unbelievably worth it. Plus Game of Thrones was filmed here.

(TIP: the cost of this is included in the cost of the city walls! Most people don’t know this. You just present the city walls tickets to the ticket office at the Fort and it’s then free!)


5. La Bodega Coffee Shop

This is a little coffee shop in the main square inside the city walls of Dubrovnik. It’s remarkably cheap for its placement in the main square. An espresso and people watching to start our mornings in the sun was truly the best!


6. War Photo Museum

When we went in June there was an exhibition on the current refugee crisis which was very very informative. There is also a permanent exhibition on the war in Yugoslavia which I knew nothing about and it was amazing to see photos from such recent history. It’s on a little side street up lots of little steps – it took us a while of wandering through the maze of side streets to find it!


7. Buza Bar

We found this little bar by accident following a “Cold Drinks this way” sign, and quite frankly, we just wanted a drink. What we found however was the most amazing bar looking out to sea with incredible atmosphere. Seriously worth it for a drink and relax.



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