Living Grateful #1

After my post yesterday on practising gratitude… Here are 5 things that I have been grateful for in my life this week…

  1. This week I have been in South West France on holiday. It’s been a lovely week of complete relaxation and beautiful weather. I feel so lucky to be able to escape London (as much as I love it!) for a bit. IMG_6287.JPG
  2. The beautiful French landscape. I’m in very rural France and the landscape and little towns here are just beautiful. It’s such a marked contrast from London it really makes me appreciate everything that much more! IMG_2475
  3. Reading. I’ve really got back into reading this week, after pretty much a year off. I’ve loved getting my nose stuck into books. I’ll have plenty of book reviews coming up for you soon I think!
  4. Being able to jump into a pool! For most of you back home there has been a massive heatwave in the UK this week. 33 degrees in London, unheard of!! I flew out to France Monday morning so by the evening I was able to use the pool to cool off. The absolute best thing when you’re baking from a day of travelling.
  5. The French markets! The fresh fruit and veg at the markets on Thursday was just amazing. You walk around and can smell the spices, melons and cooked food. Incredible!




6 thoughts on “Living Grateful #1

  1. I have been feeling like reading lately, your post has nudged me to get back into it again. thanx 🙂
    The French Markets look very inviting!
    Great post and how beautiful the area looks. So many trees! ren

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