Why I started blogging

Hello all, how is your Saturday going? Here’s to hoping we have some of that heatwave weather back soon. I am currently sat on a balcony in rural south west France listening to the rain which is very therapeutic, but HELLO, summer, where you at?

Anyway, I thought I would fill you all in on why I started blogging…

For starters, I have been a massive follower of a few blogs for a while now. I really look forward to the emails that come shooting through to my inbox with the latest blog posts. They definitely brighten up my morning commute or are a perfect break from studying. I’ll do a post a bit later on with my fave bloggers so you can check them out too and they can bring you the same amount of joy they bring me!

I’ve been following these blogs for nearly a year now and I decided to have a go and re-starting my own blog (I have tried a few times now and pretty much given up once the summer is out as I have run out of time!) I figured that if I enjoyed reading blogs so much, I would enjoy writing one.

I’m not a massively creative person, but writing is something I enjoy and something I miss about studying History at University. I figured that a blog would be a great creative outlet for me, and also give me the chance to get into taking photographs a bit more. I also want to be able to document my life on here. I think we live in such a busy world now and I know I often forget what I’ve been up to, or forget the little things in my life that bring me so much joy. I hope this blog will be a place for me to document my life and bring you guys along for the ride too…

I want a place to spread a little bit of happiness and gratitude. This is going to be my little corner of the internet to do just that. There has been so much negativity in the news & world lately, I want to try and do my little bit to counteract that!



2 thoughts on “Why I started blogging

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