Book Review #1 – The Gratitude Diaries

Hello! I read The Gratitude Diaries back in February and it was a bit of an enlightenment moment for me to be honest. I cannot say enough how much I LOVED this book! It’s by Janice Kaplan and is divided into 4 sections, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. In each season she focuses on different areas of her life to practice gratitude. Topics she focuses on include marriage, family, money, her career as well as health and connecting with others.

Kaplan writes from a very relatable place and it is a very easy book to read. It demonstrates how gratitude can profoundly impact how we view ourselves, others and our world, and the importance of being mindful and aware of our surroundings to avoid life just passing us by. She writes a gratitude diary for the year, writing 3 things each night for which she has been grateful for that day. She finds that re-framing her day to be grateful has a significant impact on her relationships, her health and the way she views money. This has completely inspired me so I decided to start my own back in February and I am loving it (more on that in a later post…)

Please see image of me attempting to take a photo of the book and my cat being vain and thinking I was trying to play with him. So please see photo of cat and book. (Isn’t he cute though.)


I really loved it and could not recommend it more. (I’ve actually been hassling several family members and friends to read it for a while now. Soz. But not soz.)  I might have to go and give it a re-read around about now…

Let me know if you give it a read and what you think!


5 thoughts on “Book Review #1 – The Gratitude Diaries

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