Case summary for the ARC Project

I have recently starting writing case summaries for the ARC Project. I’m really excited about this as the ARC Project is such a fascinating idea and NGO.

The ARC Project describes itself as, “ARC is an initiative whose mission is to secure justice and strengthen the rule of law in Africa.

ARC provides legal representation and advice on the preparation of cases before the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights. ARC also provides legal services for individuals, NGOs and States in matters before the African Commission.

ARC is dedicated to the provision of legal services in Africa, including the collection of data and evidence, the conduct of legal research, provision of advice and court representation for individuals, NGOs and States.”

Working and writing for this project fits in with my interest in human rights, and also builds on my experience of African history from my degree work. My case summaries are published on the ARC website and also on The International Criminal Law Bureau pages. I’m hoping that writing these case summaries will stand me in good stead for starting my law conversion degree in 2 weeks time!

My first case summary is of the 2012 case of Frank David Omary and Others V The United Republic of Tanzania. I summarise the case, and also discuss the future of the Court and the potential implications of this case.

Please have a read here!


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